Transcend and Yale awarded U.S. DoD grant to study methylone for PTSD

Developing the next generation of psychoactive compounds for neuropsychiatry focused on patient access.


Neuropsychiatric illness is the largest cause of disability worldwide...

People worldwide suffering from mental illnesses
Increase in incidence of major depression since 2019
Lifetime prevalence of major depression in US adults
Mental illness costs the world economy $2.5T yearly, which is expected to grow to $6T by 2030

...and there is a lack of investment and innovation for developing new treatments.

Sources: World Health Organization (2020); Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (2016); Panchel et al. (2021); The Lancet (2020); NIH (2021); Bell (2020)

We’re a biotechnology company discovering, developing, and delivering the next generation of psychoactive compounds focused on patient access to create a world where people no longer suffer with neuropsychiatric disease.

Our approach


Exploring compounds with clinical and nonclinical safety profiles in the public domain.


Prioritizing compounds that show therapeutic effects in patients who have failed prior treatments, demonstrated through thousands of clinical observations.

Patient Access

Pursuing treatments with benefits over classic psychedelics, such as:
  • Ability to administer while patients are on traditional antidepressants
  • Short treatment duration (<8 hours)
  • Minimal patient inebriation
  • Lack of undesirable subjective effects

“This reminds me of the internet in 1996. Even the most hopeful people underestimated its impact on the world.”

Kevin Ryan, Co-founder of MongoDB and former CEO of Double Click; Co-founder and Chairman of Transcend Therapeutics

Work with us

Our leadership team includes the first scientist to receive federal funding for clinical psychedelic research in 54 years and a drug development executive with pivotal contributions to 9 FDA approvals and five major biopharma exits totaling $3.5 billion in combined value.